🎉 Isoflow v2 has landed 🎉  Customers with accounts created before 7th November 2023 (2 months ago), please read this.

Migrating to Isoflow v2

We have completely rewritten Isoflow.io from the ground up to include lots of new features and improvements. Unfortunately, if you have an account on the old version (which we will refer to as Isoflow v1 for the rest of this article and can be accessed at https://v1.isoflow.io), you will need to create a new account on the current version (Isoflow v2), and re-enter your billing details. Please also be sure to cancel your subscription on v1 to avoid being billed twice.

Can I continue to access my work on v1?

Yes. Isoflow v1 will be available until Feb 2024 at https://v1.isoflow.io, and you can continue to create and access v1 projects until then.

How do I migrate my v1 projects to Isoflow v2?

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to automatically migrate your projects from v1 to v2. You will need to recreate your projects on v2 but we can support you with this if you have problems or a particularly large diagram you want to migrate (please reach out to us at hello@isoflow.io for support).

What happens if I am billed twice for both systems?

We will refund any months subscription to the value of £10 GBP that qualifies as a duplicate billing month across Isoflow v1 and Isoflow v2. To qualify as a duplicate billing month, you will have received an invoice from both the Isoflow v1 billing system and the Isoflow v2 billing system in the same 30-day period. We will consider it a duplicate if the billing email is the same across both invoices. This will ensure that you are not billed twice and we will do our best to proactively prevent duplicate billing. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us.


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